5th DNA Polymerases meeting
23 - 26 September 2018, Leiden, The Netherlands

Welcome to the website of the 5th DNA Polymerases meeting

The 5th incarnation of 'the DNA polymerases meeting' will take place in the city of Leiden, The Netherlands, from the afternoon of the 23rd until the evening of the 26th of September 2018. Building on the strong success of the previous meetings in Ascona (2010), Madrid (2012), Cambridge (2014) and Biarritz (2016) we aim to bring together, in an informal atmosphere, an outstanding and diverse group of scientists working at the forefront of this field. The meeting sessions will cover all relevant aspects of DNA polymerases, including their structure and biochemistry, their genetics, their roles in mutagenesis, fitness and pathologies as well as their applications to molecular biology and medicine.  With the goal of stimulating cross-fertilization we are also inviting a number of speakers from fields related to the DNA polymerase field.  


 Confirmed thematic keynote speakers are Bill Copeland, Serena Nik-Zainal, Mike O'Donnell and Wei Yang.


  We very much welcome you to participate in this exciting topical meeting!

Niels de Wind and Marcel Tijsterman