5th DNA Polymerases meeting
23 - 26 September 2018, Leiden, The Netherlands

How to get here
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Leiden: City of discoveries

Situated at what has traditionally been an important junction where waterways and roads cross stands a city that will enchant you: Leiden. Leiden is a medium-sized, lively and historic university town at only 15 minutes by train from the airport Schiphol (Amsterdam International Airport). The city is famous for its almshouses, university, museums and glorious history. In 1575, Leiden had the distinction of becoming the first city in the northern Netherlands to have a university. Legend has it that the university was a reward for the heroic resistance to the Spanish occupation. Leiden University became one of the leading universities in Europe and the tremendous degree of freedom of conscience stimulated the school's growth. 
Leiden is also the place where Rembrandt was born and inspired so many other influential painters. But even after this era Leiden continued to attract scientists, artists and industry. The canals, the historical buildings, the alleyways, the treasuries of knowledge, culture and science: Leiden is definitely worth seeing.
For more information about the city of Leiden, please visit https://www.visitleiden.nl/en


Venue of the meeting

The meeting will take place in the beautiful 'Stadsgehoorzaal', the early-19th century, but very well equipped, concert hall in the center of town.
Venue adress: Breestraat 60, Leiden.

The hotel accommodation is situated in the vicinity of the train station of Leiden and is a short walk away from the meeting venue.